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didi Rugby Swansea announces Non Evans MBE as first Welsh didi Rugby ambassador
November 28th, 2017 10:23 pm     A+ | a-

didi Rugby is proud to welcome its latest brand ambassador and she is one with so much sporting experience, it is hard to know where to start!


Non Evans is a natural-born athlete who has carved out an illustrious career as an international rugby player and a Commonwealth Games medalist at three different sports.


Having won medals at judo, wrestling and weightlifting, MBE Non then went on to become a successful businesswoman and a TV and radio presenter.


Non ended her rugby career after the 2010 World Cup, with 87 Caps and 64 tries for Wales, as well as playing 7s rugby all over the world. 


Away from the sports field, she gained a degree in sports science and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Since ending her sporting career in March 2011 due to injury, she has also enjoyed motivational public speaking and has been awarded the MBE by Princess Anne.


Non has always been determined to inspire others with her commitment for sport and a healthy lifestyle and that is why she was attracted to the didi rugby story with our business promoting similar values and outlook on life.


“I am honoured to be an ambassador for didi Rugby,” said Non. “Physical activity is vitally important to everyone in terms of a healthy lifestyle but especially for little ones because these are the years where we establish habits and beliefs.


“didi Rugby children get active and confident as well as enjoying a fun introduction to rugby from an early age.”


Non uses her own experience to offer advice and guidance to others on how they could make the most of their physique, feel better about themselves and increase levels of fitness and confidence, and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle. She has always found that ability to help others reach their potential, one of her most rewarding experiences.


To celebrate the launch of didi’s latest franchise in Swansea, three more ambassadors have leant their support to the didi family.


Alecs Donovan is a Wales rugby player and now owner of Yogability.  Amy Evans earned 15 caps for Wales and is the owner of Dare Fitness, while Siwan Lillicrap is another Welsh international and Swansea University’s Head of Rugby.  More about these fabulous ambassadors to come!

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