didi Rugby Mission Statement

To get as many children involved in didi rugby to create active, confident and skilful children which inspires a healthy active nation. Above all... didi rugby should create a happy fun environment for children and their parents or carers.

We want children from as early an age as possible to become physically active and therefore form good life long habits in relation to physical activity that will help them in later life.

News Flash

didi rugby to appear in partnership with GO Rugby at events in London and Cardiff this summer
GO Rugby festivals are for people aged 18 months to 80
GO Rugby festivals are for people aged 18 months to 80
didi rugby is delighted to be in partnership with GO Rugby this summer.
GO Rugby provides the sport for all ages from 18 months up to 80 years!
What started off as the Golden Oldies (GO) has expanded to an event to include all ages and, after a successful inaugural event last year, is back with two bigger weekends this year, celebrating rugby, music and food – what is there not to like?
GO’s ethos is make our wonderful sport as accessible as possible for as many as possible and didi rugby will be right behind them.
The Welsh Rugby Union will be supporting the Cardiff event at Llandaff Rugby Club, while didi rugby Reading will be heavily involved in the first English GO event with the help of the RFU, London Irish, London Irish Amateurs and Hazlewood.


Wonderful sport

Paul Guest from GO Rugby said: “GO Rugby is all about making this wonderful sport as accessible as possible and a real highlight of this year's events will be the addition of many under-represented rugby grades.
“This means that literally anyone can get on the field and enjoy the game.”
Didi rugby CEO Vicky Macqueen added: “GO Rugby has a similar ethos to that of didi rugby and that is to make the sport accessible and fun for all involved.
“We always like our didi kids to have smiles on their faces and I think there will be a lot of those around at what we are expecting to be extremely fun weekends.
“We would love people to bring their children along to see us and we can show them what didi rugby is all about in a fun and friendly atmosphere.”

Find out more about the GO Rugby events in Cardiff and London

Visit the website at www.gorugbyuk.com

Or watch this video to see how the GO (Golden Oldies) movement began.

didi rugby ambassador Emily Scarratt

didi Ambassador
Emily Scarratt

didi rugby ambassador Sarah Hunter

didi Ambassador
Sarah Hunter

didi rugby ambassador Natasha Hunt

didi Ambassador
Natasha Hunt

didi rugby ambassador Vicky Fleetwood

didi Ambassador
Vicky Fleetwood


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