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didi ambassador Non Evans given a lovely reminder of why she got involved
Niamh Tainton enjoying didi rugby
Niamh Tainton enjoying didi rugby
Ambassador Non Evans has been given a lovely reminder of why she got involved with didi rugby in the first place.
Non is one of the most recognisable sporting figures in Wales who ended a stellar international career after the 2010 World Cup with 87 caps and 64 tries for her home country.
She became a didi rugby ambassador after becoming aware of the work didi founder Vicky Macqueen was doing to promote activity among young children – a theme that is also close to her heart.
And a picture text from friend David Tainton the other day made her realise just why she agreed to do so.
The picture showed his daughter Niamh enjoying all the fun of a regular class in didi rugby Reading's Blue Coats School.

Children's development

Without Non knowing, Niamh and her brother Noah have been attending didi rugby classes for a while now. And there is more to the story as their father David thinks didi rugby has been amazing for his children’s development.
Non explained: “My friend sent me a picture of Niamh with a rugby ball in her hand and told me all about how much her and her brother love going to classes in Reading,” she said.
“David said that didi rugby is the best thing that has happened to them and they are both so excited for every session they go to.”
Vicky said the texts and pictures from Non had ‘given her goosebumps’.
“Non is such an amazing personality and so to get texts from her with a lovely story like this made me melt,” said Vicky.

Spreading didi rugby

“The guys down in Reading are doing an amazing job at spreading didi rugby far and wide throughout the region and are clearly making a big hit with Niamh and Noah as they do so!”

didi rugby Reading's Craig Hunter said: "They are great kids and Noah was one of the dozen or so children that started when we set up in Feb 2018. He's been with us ever since.

"They always have fun and do it with a smile on their face. Noah's sister comes and watches him and, when there's a chance for her to join in, we always give her a ball and let her run around."

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