didi Rugby FAQ's

Find out answers to the most common frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes you can. Your first session is free, and after that didi Rugby costs vary dependent on the area you are in. Those costs range from £19 and £29 a month. This is paid via a monthly direct debit.
We have a really good relationship with our parents, and we give each child a didi Rugby sticker at the end of every session to tell them why they deserve that sticker.  Parents are very welcome to speak to coaches at the start or end of their session with particular questions, but when a child is hitting all the development targets of that stage, they will move into a new class and a new stage, didi mini, didi junior and didi senior.
Yes we do ask you to give a medical picture of your child on our registration forms, this is just so we are fully aware of any conditions and can support your child appropriately if necessary. All our head coaches are trained in pediatric first aid.
Yes we do. We have been running them successfully for years and details can be found on our website by clicking here
Not at all. We will start them off slowly and build up their skills and confidence at a pace which suits them.
Go to our Find A Class page on the website
Didi Rugby sessions last 40 minutes and your membership entitles you to one class a week.
We have a maximum of 14-16 in a class dependent on the venue space.  If we have over seven children in a class, we always put an assistant coach to ensure each child gets quality attention.
Yes it is. Please find your nearest class and contact them to arrange a suitable time and date for your son or daughter to attend.
It is actually an indoor activity, making it suitable to run all year round. When we do get better weather, we take the opportunity to take the children outside for the sessions or parts of the session, whenever we can.
Yes there is. If you have more than one child at didi Rugby, you are entitled to a sibling discount, across all areas which is usually between 10-15%.
Yes, there is parking at all our venues and franchise holders will be able to give you more detail on each particular venue.
Yes absolutely. 18 months is just a guide to ensure all children are steady on their feet. As soon as this is the case, they are very welcome to come along and join in.

Yes you can. We strongly believe in personal development and building each child's confidence that come through one of our classes. Our relationship with the parent(s) is crucial in trying to make that happen.

We want to encourage active, confident and skilful children and promote a healthy lifestyle. We want to create a happy and fun environment for children, parents and carers and develop good habits in those who attend.
We build links with local clubs that we trust and we encourage parents and children to join the ‘minis’ section of those clubs if they want to continue playing rugby, which usually start at the under-7 age group, where they will move in to playing tag rugby. If your child came to didi rugby a bit later, and wasn’t ready to make the transition, they would be welcome to stay with didi rugby for a bit longer to gain more confidence.

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We aim to build confidence and character in your child and instill values that will benefit them through life. We want to improve their balance and co-ordination and teach children about team work and sportsmanship, while having fun at the same time. This is all wrapped up and delivered through the tool of rugby.
Any shorts, tee-shirt and a pair of comfortable trainer-type shoes would be ideal. We have didi Rugby branded kit if you wanted to buy some from our online shop at http://shop.didirugby.com/