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didi rugby is very proud of the amount of recommendations we get by ‘word of mouth’.

So our Reviews page is here for you tell other people what you and your children think of didi rugby.

As consumers, more and more of us are seeking out reviews and the opinions of our peers before making bookings for activities or buying products.

So we are indebted to the parents, grand parents and carers of our didi kids for leaving their thoughts and views here on our Testimonials/Reviews page.

It is your feedback that is giving other parents the information they need to decide if our classes are right for their children.

We are delighted when people tell others to come along and take advantage of one of our free taster sessions to see what didi rugby is all about for themselves.

And even happier when those parents and kids stay, enjoy themselves and make a booking.

Obviously, we love reading your comments and when we hear stories like this one from Chloe in Hinckley, saying how much their little one’s confidence has grown since attending didi classes, it always puts a big smile on our face.


“Rafe has been attending didi rugby for a year, his confidence has grown so much, both within classes and also in everyday life. didi has taught him to share, enjoy being part of a team and also to throw straight! Emma keeps the classes engaging and with new activities to bring on further aspects of the game. Thank you didi!” X

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A warm welcome to didi rugby
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by Neil McArthur on A warm welcome to didi rugby
location: Southam

Even before signing up and booking, Matthew and team got Fergus hooked on the playful sessions and he really enjoys them now as a fully paid up member. The sessions are great or getting the toddlers engaged and Fergus giggles through most of it and also gets great exercise and learnings. He talks about going to rugby all week and thoroughly enjoys the sessions. Thanks Matthew

by Emma on A warm welcome to didi rugby
location: Leicester

Fantastic 2nd session today with Jenny at didirugbyleicester, Lake really loved his first week and usually is quite shy when starting new things. Jenny allowed him to take a rugby ball home on week one so he could practice and this encouraged him to bring it back the following week, meaning today he couldn’t wait to get to his lesson, Jenny (and Mum) are super friendly and really great with all the kids who attend. Each week there have been a variation of different activities and great equipment to keep the kids fully engaged. 40 mins flys by! At the end of the session they sit round and get stickers for their efforts and each week a child is selected to take rugby ted home with them for a week of adventures, share this with the group and return the following week…. Lake was so thrilled today to be the one selected to take ted home! 🧸🏉 we would highly recommend didi rugby Leicester, Lake gives it a big high five!!! See you next week.

by Wayne on A warm welcome to didi rugby
location: Hinckley

Totally awesome way to become part of the great sport we call rugby. Great for kids development. Keep up the good work Didi rugby.

by Vicky Mayes on A warm welcome to didi rugby
location: Hinckley

Didi rugby is an amazing way to get kids active ! Vicky and all the coaches are committed to delivering engaging , fun , structured sessions . Children learn not only physical skills but also social skills . It builds trust , teamwork and confidence .Didi rugby is for Boys and girls so why not get your little super star signed up !!

by Lucy Westbury on A warm welcome to didi rugby
location: Lutterworth

Great classes to build confidence and coordination. Highly recommended.

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