Find a didi rugby class in Tarporley at Bunbury Aldersey C of E Primary School

Introduce your children to rugby at a young age with didi rugby classes at Bunbury Aldersey C of E Primary School in Bunbury. There are three age groups: 18 months to three years, three to four and four to six.

Our program is designed to get kids active, teach them new skills and improve their co-ordination, speed and balance. It will also help them learn social skills while they have lots of fun in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

These classes are ideal for children living in the following places: Tarporley, Bunbury, Tarvin, Tiverton, Spurstow, Nantwich, Chester, Vicars Cross, Cholmondeley, Whitchurch, Tattenhall, Bickerton, Ridley, Barbridge, Wardle, Calveley and Wettenhall.

Bunbury Aldersey C of E Primary School

School Lane
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