NEWS: Free session and children’s book reading for nurseries and pre-schools

A blonde-haired girl crawls through a tunnel holding a rugby ball at one of our nurseries. She is smiling.

Would your children like a fun run-around while learning new skills?

Following that, would they like to then settle down to be read a book which promotes friendship and resilience?

Would your nursery or education establishment like to enjoy an exciting visit from one of the country’s favourite sports class providers?

Then give didi rugby Midlands a shout.

We are currently offering free taster sessions to nurseries and pre-schools in our area to give you an idea of what we can offer.

Physical activity

Our physical activity taster session will include all of the fun games that have made didi rugby so popular with children and parents alike across England over the last seven years.

Our sessions are in line with ELYS guidance with specific focus on movement, handling, physical development, communication, language and numbers.

Then, we will settle the children down and read them our fantastic children’s story book based on the lives of our friendly mascots, Dougie and Daisy.

Dougie Can Catch’ tells the story of a boy who struggles to catch a ball but with perseverance and the support of his group of friends, finally manages to learn to catch, with spectacular results!

You never know, Dougie and Daisy may be able to make an appearance too…

Nurseries and pre-schools

didi rugby CEO Vicky Macqueen said: “This free taster session gives nurseries and pre-schools in the area the opportunity to find out what has made didi rugby so popular around the country.

“We also offer didi sports in schools which extends our variety of offering to the likes of basketball, dodgeball and cricket.

“I am certain that the children who get to take part in a didi visit will have lots of fun and learn some valuable skills while doing so.

“We can’t wait to meet you.”

If you are interested in didi rugby delivering a free taster session or, to find out more information, please get in touch with us at

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BLOG: We all have a part to play in helping our kids recover from lockdown

A graphic showing that 71% of young people say that physical activity improves their mood

We all have a role to play in making sure our children recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, says didi rugby CEO, Vicky Macqueen.

Thankfully, the vast majority of children seem to only get mild symptoms, if any at all, if they get infected by the virus.

But they have most certainly endured long-lasting effects to both their mental and physical health by missing almost half a year of their schooling, as well as being cooped up inside for large parts of that time with few places to burn off their energy.

As a former teacher myself, I have seen at first hand for many years how physically inactive children can sometimes struggle inside a classroom, both with their attainment, confidence and behaviour.

Physical activity

Of course, I am generalising here. As the CEO of a company like didi rugby, I am also clearly biased. Hands up.

But there are few people who could argue that physical activity gets kids moving, gets their heart rate up, improves their fitness and can make them more alert when inside a classroom.

So it was no surprise to see some new research from Sheffield Hallam University showing just how much of a benefit activity can have on school age children.

At didi rugby and for me as an RFU Level 4 coach, qualified PE teacher and Early Learning provider, I really believe we do generally underestimate how much a young child can gain from being physically active from a much earlier age.

A poster saying that 78% of people say they enjoy being physically active

It becomes imbedded in them and, part of their DNA, to feel good, happy and confident after exercise. They don’t necessarily know why and they don’t know how, but they know they feel good.

It’s not only kids that benefit. Parents have reported the same feelings after didi classes themselves. One of our major aims across the UK is to educate and support families to all feel better, healthier and more confident in life by taking part in our sessions. The positive effects of physical activity are absolutely massive!

The huge Sheffield Hallam study was on more than 60,000 students and 4,000 teachers and surveyed attitudes to work, physical and mental health.

The researched showed, in many different ways, that helping young people get active can play a vital role in helping them catch up on work missed during the Covid-19 pandemic and in supporting their mental health too.

Fun and activity

The report shows that 92% of staff believed that being physically active helps with school work, while 91% of students felt that physical activity can improve their mental and physical health.

That is fairly unequivocal isn’t it?

Now the national lockdown has ended (and let’s hope it doesn’t need to return) and organised children’s educational sports classes are being backed by the Government, let’s make the most of it.

All of our didi classes are dedicated to getting children that fun and activity they need to keep them fit and active, to get endorphins flowing around their body, get them laughing, interacting with other children their own age and giving them quality fun time with parents, who have had a tough time as well over the last seven months.

My passion is to make everyone’s life a little bit better and even more so now!

Read all about the Sheffield Hallam report here:

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