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About didi Rugby Cheltenham

Contact – Keith Smith – 07846 597813

Keith Smith – didi rugby Cheltenham

Keith has a long and proud rugby-playing career behind him with appearances for Gloucester, Lydney, Cinderford and Cheltenham Saracens.

Before setting up didi rugby Cheltenham, Keith was a senior coach with didi rugby Gloucester in Highnam. His experience here inspired him to spread the values of didi rugby to the Cheltenham area and set up his own franchise.

Daughter Ellie will help Keith with coaching duties. The talented teenager is heading to Hartpury College to study athletics.

Keith enjoyed a career in the police force before moving onto to sporting challenges.

A few words from Keith

“I have already seen at my Highnam class, the positive influence that didi rugby can have on children,”

“It shows what can be done by getting children active and involved in sport.

“I am a firm believer in kids being active and getting them off their consoles and computers and getting them outside their houses to have fun and play sport. Hopefully, we can get plenty of children involved in the Cheltenham area.”