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Amy Pinfold – didi rugby Chipping Norton

“Sport has always played a huge part in my life. As a youngster, I loved  the chance to play any sport whenever I could,” said Amy

“Football was my main sport playing from the age of 8 and I went on to play for Chelsea Ladies FC for three seasons and Coventry Ladies FC for one season.

“My passion for sport brought about my hunger to start coaching and I became a qualified football coach and later a rugby coach too.

“I went to university to become a qualified secondary PE teacher and then spent time coaching in America to children aged 3-16.

“Rugby though has been my biggest passion in recent years and I can often be found at Wasps matches! I love the values the sport has and promotes at all levels of the game.

“I have loved being involved in rugby within the secondary school environment and I am particularly aiming to get more girls involved in our wonderful sport.

A few words from Amy

“I am truly passionate about promoting physical activity for young people, with fun and enjoyment being at the forefront of that.

“I believe this encourages the desire to continue sport throughout life.

“Through my role as a PE teacher, I have seen first-hand how important it is that young people are provided with opportunities to experience a wide range of activities that not only bring about the fantastic health benefits, but the social skills and confidence growth that it encourages.“

“didi rugby represents all the things I feel passionate about, with enjoyment and child development being at the heart of it all. It is fantastic that this opportunity is going to be available to those within the local area to experience and enjoy.”