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Emma and Peter Cutress Head Coaches – didi Rugby North Yorkshire and East Riding

A few words from Emma

“Having an older brother and a sports-loving father, much of my childhood and teenage years was spent on the sidelines cheering on one or the other; whether it was a cold wet winter morning next to a football or rugby pitch or a sunny summer afternoon ducking low flying cricket balls, sport played a large part in my early years. It was always great to see sport bringing people together and, certainly in our community, being a real family affair. It is really important to me that our children appreciate the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle and the best way to demonstrate this is of course by following one ourselves. I am a keen runner, finally (and gently!) getting back into the groove 11 months after the birth of our second child whilst the whole family love to walk and swim as much as possible.

Both Pete and I have corporate backgrounds, but increasingly our hearts just weren’t in it. We knew ultimately that we wanted to do something more personally rewarding than simply helping someone grow their bottom line! Starting a family of our own really brought it home to us and so, having watched Vicky’s passion turn didi Rugby into such a success in her hometown, it seemed like the obvious next step for us. Pete and I have been keen to ensure that our children grow up happy, confident and healthy, whilst understanding the importance of fun in everything they do…and now it’s going to be our job!

I am so excited about the launch of didi Yorkshire as this gives the opportunity to share my passion and enthusiasm for providing a safe, fun environment for children to grow, learn and develop key skills. Having two small children, this kind of active class for young children is something which is really important to me as it encourages them to develop confidence in themselves and their ability whilst making new friends and overall, having fun! It is a great opportunity for parents to meet and build new friendships too, something which is vital when you have little ones ruling the house! didi Rugby is the kind of group which is helping my children to shine and I can’t wait to see the positive impact it has on others too.”