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Kiri and Rich Bennett Head Coaches – didi rugby South Warwickshire

Kiri Bennett and dad Rich, both believe in passing on the benefits of physical activity to the younger generation.

Kiri’s daughter Ayaana is already reaping the rewards of her mum’s passion.

And with Rich having taught physical education for 40 years, he brings a vast amount of the knowledge to didi rugby.

Kiri and Rich will be spreading their beliefs throughout South Warwickshire after finding the perfect fit for their values in didi rugby.

Now, children and parents in places like Coventry, Kenilworth and other villages and towns in the area will be able to attend didi rugby classes and share in her vision to get young children active and healthy while having fun.

“I have a real passion for physical activity and want to share and promote my love for it towards the new generation,” said Kiri. “I believe in the importance of physical activity and how it should begin at a young age to promote all of the incredible benefits it provides. The benefits of physical skills cannot be underestimated.

“I believe not only in the physical well-being didi rugby offers children but also in the other social and mental aspects it provides too. Whatever path a child chooses to take in later life, the benefits of fundamental movement and physical skills cannot be understated.”

Kiri knows a thing or two about rugby too! Having played competitive rugby from an early age, she represented Great Britain University 7s team, captained the University if Wales Institute (now Cardiff Met) and has a BSC in Sport and Physical Education.

“I lived and worked in Sydney for over four years where I gained a lot of experience in sport development and customer relations so I can’t wait to launch this new didi rugby franchise,” added Kiri.

Rich meanwhile, has taught physical education and special educational needs for 40 years. As part of that work, he qualified as a councillor and specialised in working with students who suffer from anxiety.

He is a Level 3 rugby coach and has been involved with coaching Kenilworth RFC. He has also coached Lichfield Ladies in the Premiership, the Midlands Women’s team and has been involved with England’s Regional Higher Performance Academy.

This ever-active grandfather is still playing the game too – for Kenilworth Pirates vets.

“I am driven to explain the importance of physical activity, fun, health and well-being in all ages,” said Rich.

“My philosophy is to develop social skills, team work and empathy for others from a young age because that will benefit our youngsters in the future. didi rugby is the perfect environment for this foundation.”

didi rugby founder Vicky Macqueen is delighted to have Kiri and Rich on board.

“We are so excited to have their passion for the values we promote and I know they are going to do an amazing job of spreading the didi rugby gospel in the Coventry, Kenilworth and South Warwickshire area,” she said.

“I know the quality of what they will be delivering and it will be right out of the top drawer.”