Aldermaston RFC in Reading: find a didi rugby class here

Aldermaston RFC in Reading: find a didi rugby class here

Find a didi rugby class: Aldermaston RFC in Reading is hosting didi rugby classes so you can introduce your child to rugby at a young age. There are three age groups: 18 months to three years, three to four and four to six.

Our program is designed to get kids active, teach them new skills and improve their co-ordination, speed and balance. It will also help them learn social skills while they have lots of fun in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

If you are looking to find a didi rugby class in the area, these sessions would be ideal for parents and children who live in: Aldermaston, Tadley, Baughurst, Bradfield, Burghfield Common, Burghfield, Riseley, Silchester, Mortimer, Swallowfield. They would also be ideal for anyone living in: Theale, Woolhampton, Bramley, Hannington, Pamber End, Pamber Heath and Brimpton Common.

The franchise owners of didi rugby Reading are Craig Hunter and Donna Clark.

“The support from didi was spot on in the build up to launch and the infrastructure was right too. So we took the plunge and went for it full-time and we are confident we will continue to grow with the help of Vicky and team didi behind us,” said Craig.

“Our links with local clubs are important and we are trying to help those without big mini sections so they can use their link with us as stepping stone to build their Under-6s.”

Donna added: “It has been good fun spreading the values of didi rugby through classes, clubs and schools too. Vicky and her team are always on the end of the phone if we need them.”

Aldermaston RFC

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