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A warm welcome to didi rugby

We are a group of passionate and dedicated people determined to get children active and teach them key life skills while they are having fun and gaining confidence in a safe environment.

Our 40-minute classes run in three age groups from 18 months up to six years of age and we build links with local clubs to encourage our didi kids' rugby experience to continue when they turn seven.

Parents and carers are a big part of what we do and we encourage their involvement during class sessions at the right time. We are not strict. We want didi kids to be happy and comfortable.

We firmly believe that encouraging children to get active at a young age will not only help them stay healthy but will increase their confidence and self-esteem as well as help interaction and engagement with other children.

didi rugby is a great stepping stone into team sports further down the line because we teach the values of respect, sharing and team spirit.

The business was conceived by former England Women's Rugby international, Vicky Macqueen, herself a mother of two young children. When she contracted a potentially life-threatening infection in 2013, doctors told her that her strong health and fitness levels saved her.

Since then, didi rugby has been a personal crusade to spread the benefits of health, fitness and activity to as many children and parents as she can.

Vicky's drive has helped attract numerous high-profile people from the sport of rugby and beyond to become didi ambassadors with the likes of Womens' World Cup winners Emily Scarratt and Katy Daley-Maclean, along with coaches from the men's game like Graham Rowntree and Geordan Murphy getting involved.

didi rugby is a franchise business which treats our teams up and down the country as one big family sharing training, ideas and best practice.

All of our classes offer free taster classes so parents and carers can see if their child enjoys what we have to offer.

We are very proud of the word-of-mouth recommendations we receive and here are just a few of the kind comments that have been sent our way by parents.

"It's a good form of exercise for them and incorporates a lot of games - that is why they enjoy it so much."

"It's not strict and they know they are always coming to have fun."

"It's not always about the game of rugby, it's about learning how to be with other children and that is really good for them."

"Their confidence has really grown. Not just in terms of their sporting abilities but for them as little people and how they interact with others."


didi Rugby News Flash

VIDEO: didi rugby invited to advise RFU on structure of newly-released Early Years Guidance Framework

didi rugby are delighted to have been part of the working group that has led to the launch of the new Rugby Union (RFU) framework for England Rugby Early Years Guidance.

Every RFU-affiliated club in England will now receive a copy of the Guidance Framework.

The game’s governing body are aware of the significance of building a pipeline of rugby players from a young age and have responded to the fact that clubs around the country are starting to show a keen interest in working with the 18 month to five years age group.

As a result, the RFU have been a developing practical guidance and information for clubs and providers. They invited didi rugby CEO Vicky Macqueen to be part of the working group that has contributed to the final document because didi rugby is already a well-respected nationwide provider for that age group.

Vicky was also invited to appear in the RFU's official video (above) to promote the guidance.

didi rugby runs classes for children aged 18 months to six years nationwide and has links in place with clubs all over the country to help provide a stream of able and confident youngsters for clubs’ mini sections when they become too old for didi rugby.

Vicky said: “It’s really important to make sure that children are healthy, active and confident and this is all about putting a framework in place to hopefully achieve this.

“It has been great to be able to add my experience and contribute to this framework. Now there is a guideline out there that clubs can access and come to people like us to ask if we can deliver it for them because they want it doing at a high standard.

“didi rugby classes develop skills like movement, agility, listening, communication and working with others and we have loved seeing the results of our sessions over the past three years.

“Ultimately, it’s about making sure the children and their parents are all getting a great education, being passionate about physical activity and getting more people involved in the wonderful game of rugby.”

The RFU’s Kids First Development Manager Adam Cottingham hoped that providers who offer well-considered activities while displaying rugby’s core values, will encourage children and their parents to develop a love for the sport.

“England Rugby Early Years Guidance was created to provide a club or provider with guidance and information on how to create safe, enjoyable age and stage-appropriate activity for children aged 18 months to five years.

“This piece of work was pulled together in conjunction with experts in the field to ensure that any guidance we created was usable and easily understood.

“England Rugby want any activity at this age group to be fun, first of all, and to foster a love for sport, physical activity and rugby union.”

didi rugby are fully behind the England Rugby Early Years Guidance and are available to consult, offer advice, set-up and run classes within rugby clubs around the country.

For further information to see how we could work with your club, contact Vicky Macqueen on (07812) 082375 or email Vicky@didirugby.com.

To see how didi rugby’s partnership with local clubs have improved their minis section, watch these videos with the chairman of Coventry RFC and Hinckley RFC.

WATCH: Hinckley RFC chairman John Tilley says link with didi rugby has been a 'massive success'.

WATCH: Coventry RFC chairman Jon Sharp is 'very proud' to partner with didi rugby.

didi rugby CEO Vicky Macqueen appearing in the new RFU video
didi rugby CEO Vicky Macqueen appearing in the new RFU video

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