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Meet The Rise Family: Your Passionate didi rugby South Wales Team

Alun and Lydia Rise, known for their boundless enthusiasm and extensive experience in rugby, education, and operations management, are set to redefine didi rugby’s impact across Wales. Alun, a WRU level three coach with a history of managing the WRU Welsh Exiles program and serving as academy manager at London Welsh, brings a depth of rugby knowledge and coaching acumen. Lydia complements the team with her expertise in rugby operations and business management, adding a robust operational dimension to the franchise.

Alun and Lydia Rise are committed to nurturing not only the physical skills of young players but also their mental well-being. They envision didi rugby Wales as a transformative platform where every child can grow, learn, and excel.

The Rise duo’s leadership marks an exciting era for didi rugby Wales. Families and children across the region are encouraged to be a part of this adventure, where the transformative power of rugby will continue to inspire and develop young minds and bodies.

With Alun and Lydia Rise at the helm, didi rugby Wales is poised for a bright and impactful future, staying true to the spirit of rugby while innovating and elevating the experience for the next generation of players.

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