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Polly Pearce- didi rugby Avon and South Gloucestershire

Meet Polly Pearce: Your Passionate didi rugby Head Coach

Bringing a Lifetime of Rugby Experience to Your Child’s Journey

Polly Pearce,  embodies a lifelong love for the sport. From the early age of 6, Polly has been immersed in the world of rugby, kickstarting her journey at the Thornbury RFC. Her talent and dedication soon propelled her into county and regional teams, proudly representing Gloucestershire and the South West.

A pivotal chapter in Polly’s rugby odyssey unfolded at Hartpury College, where she seamlessly balanced the rigors of the Ladies Rugby Academy with her A-level studies. After leaving Hartpury, Polly embarked on a musical venture, showcasing her versatility as a singer. She also donned the jersey for the Bristol Ladies, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

Polly’s dynamic career then transitioned towards accountancy, where she not only established her own successful business but also excelled in her professional pursuits. This unique blend of entrepreneurship and financial acumen equips Polly to lead her didi rugby franchise with both passion and precision.

Returning to her roots at Thornbury RFC, Polly has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of rugby enthusiasts. From coaching the U7’s to leading the U9’s, she imparts not only technical skills but also the invaluable lessons of teamwork and sportsmanship.

With a profound understanding of the enriching rugby community and the countless opportunities it offers, Polly is thrilled to introduce children to this incredible world of sport and camaraderie. She recognizes the significance of early physical activity in a child’s development and is committed to providing a fun and engaging platform through didi rugby.

Polly’s journey, spanning from player to coach, reflects her unwavering dedication to the sport she loves. Her expertise, combined with the extensive support and resources offered by the didi rugby team, promises an exceptional experience for your child.

Polly loves to inspire a new generation of young athletes and foster a lifelong love for rugby.

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