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About didi rugby South Wales

Contact –  Lydia Rise on 07535 284673  facebook for didi rugby South Wales

Meet The Rise Family: Your Passionate didi rugby South Wales Team

Alun and Lydia Rise, known for their boundless enthusiasm and extensive experience in rugby, education, and operations management, are set to redefine didi rugby’s impact across Wales. Alun, a WRU level three coach with a history of managing the WRU Welsh Exiles program and serving as academy manager at London Welsh, brings a depth of rugby knowledge and coaching acumen. Lydia complements the team with her expertise in rugby operations and business management, adding a robust operational dimension to the franchise.

Alun and Lydia Rise are committed to nurturing not only the physical skills of young players but also their mental well-being. They envision didi rugby Wales as a transformative platform where every child can grow, learn, and excel.

The Rise duo’s leadership marks an exciting era for didi rugby Wales. Families and children across the region are encouraged to be a part of this adventure, where the transformative power of rugby will continue to inspire and develop young minds and bodies.

With Alun and Lydia Rise at the helm, didi rugby Wales is poised for a bright and impactful future, staying true to the spirit of rugby while innovating and elevating the experience for the next generation of players.

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About didi rugby Bromley

Contact –  Maxine Edwards on 01689 662279   facebook for didi rugby Bromley

Meet Maxine Edwards: Your Passionate didi rugby Head Coach

Maxine Edwards: didi rugby Bromley Franchise Owner

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a quarter of a century in rugby, Maxine Edwards is a paragon of sporting excellence and educational expertise. Her journey in rugby began over 25 years ago, taking her from local clubs in Bromley and Blackheath to the prestigious ranks of Saracens. Maxine’s dedication and skill on the field propelled her to regional and divisional levels, culminating in a remarkable 15-year tenure as an international player for England. Her leadership qualities shone brightly as she captained the England team for two years, a role that highlighted her strategic acumen and inspirational presence.

Major Achievements:

  • Over 25 years of experience in rugby, showcasing dedication and skill in the sport.
  • Represented England as an international rugby player for over 15 years, demonstrating elite performance at the highest level.
  • Served as the England rugby team captain for two years, leading the team with distinction.
  • Accumulated over 18 years of experience as a secondary school teacher, fostering confidence and growth in young learners.

Maxine’s contributions to rugby extend beyond the field. Her commitment to nurturing young talent is evident in her impressive 18-plus years of experience as a secondary school teacher. In this role, she has honed her skills in creating a supportive and confident learning environment, guiding students towards achieving their best.

At didi rugby, Maxine brings this wealth of experience to her role as the franchise owner for the Bromley area. Her deep understanding of rugby, combined with her educational background, positions her uniquely to inspire and develop the next generation of rugby talent. Under Maxine’s guidance, young enthusiasts in Bromley can expect to not only learn the fundamentals of rugby but also imbibe the values of teamwork, respect, and determination that Maxine embodies.

Joining the didi rugby family, Maxine is excited to share her passion for rugby and education with the community, fostering a love for the sport and nurturing the all-round development of young players. With Maxine at the helm, didi rugby Bromley is poised to become a nurturing ground for young talent, where children can thrive both on and off the field.

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About didi rugby Avon and South Gloucestershire

Contact –  Polly Pearce on 07399 412 912  facebook for didi rugby Avon and South Gloucestershire

Polly Pearce- didi rugby Avon and South Gloucestershire

Meet Polly Pearce: Your Passionate didi rugby Head Coach

Bringing a Lifetime of Rugby Experience to Your Child’s Journey

Polly Pearce,  embodies a lifelong love for the sport. From the early age of 6, Polly has been immersed in the world of rugby, kickstarting her journey at the Thornbury RFC. Her talent and dedication soon propelled her into county and regional teams, proudly representing Gloucestershire and the South West.

A pivotal chapter in Polly’s rugby odyssey unfolded at Hartpury College, where she seamlessly balanced the rigors of the Ladies Rugby Academy with her A-level studies. After leaving Hartpury, Polly embarked on a musical venture, showcasing her versatility as a singer. She also donned the jersey for the Bristol Ladies, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

Polly’s dynamic career then transitioned towards accountancy, where she not only established her own successful business but also excelled in her professional pursuits. This unique blend of entrepreneurship and financial acumen equips Polly to lead her didi rugby franchise with both passion and precision.

Returning to her roots at Thornbury RFC, Polly has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of rugby enthusiasts. From coaching the U7’s to leading the U9’s, she imparts not only technical skills but also the invaluable lessons of teamwork and sportsmanship.

With a profound understanding of the enriching rugby community and the countless opportunities it offers, Polly is thrilled to introduce children to this incredible world of sport and camaraderie. She recognizes the significance of early physical activity in a child’s development and is committed to providing a fun and engaging platform through didi rugby.

Polly’s journey, spanning from player to coach, reflects her unwavering dedication to the sport she loves. Her expertise, combined with the extensive support and resources offered by the didi rugby team, promises an exceptional experience for your child.

Polly loves to inspire a new generation of young athletes and foster a lifelong love for rugby.

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About didi rugby Loughborough

Contact –  Tom and Kerry Kirkby on 07846 018406  facebook for didi rugby Loughborough

Tom and Kerry Kirkby- didi rugby Loughborough

About Tom and Kerry Kirkby

About Tom

From a young age I got into rugby, playing down at my local club Loughborough Rugby Football Club, learning a new game and gaining a huge variety of new skills as well as being involved in a great team sport. Progressing through their minis and juniors sections before moving on to play for Nottingham and Derby RFC. This in turn lead to myself moving back to Loughborough RFC due to the comradeship and welcoming feeling the club represented, as well becoming a family with my wife Kerry and being able to introduce our son Jude to such a welcoming and family friendly club with the hopes of him playing for the club as well. Whilst playing I undertook various coaching roles in many different age groups, which lead me on to career in teaching and working with children from ages 4-19. Through coaching and teaching I found a love of being able to give back a variety of skills and knowledge that I have learnt through the years in a manner that is easier to understand, alongside this it has given me a sense of self fulfilment with being able to see the children to achieve goals and challenges that they thought they never would achieve.


I have always had a keen interest in rugby as a sport and have watched and supported Tom throughout his rugby playing. Since having our little boy Jude I feel really passionate about allowing him the opportunity to be involved in rugby from a young age. I’m really passionate about children having the opportunity to get involved in physical activity from a young age so it becomes a part of their lifestyle.

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didi rugby Loughborough

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About didi rugby Crewe and Nantwich

Contact –  Dylan on 07896 778780 facebook for didi rugby Crewe and Nantwich

Dylan Bratherton- didi rugby Crewe and Nantwich

About Dylan Bratherton

Hi I’m Dylan, I’ve played rugby for the last 16 years as a Prop. In this time I have also coached a few junior teams and helped coach a ladies team.

I’m also a society referee for Staffordshire Society and most recently taken up a coaching position with Linley and Kidsgrove RFC.

I have a passion for getting children into sport from a young age, as I was in sport from a young age and it has made me, I believe, the person I am today.

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About didi rugby Bedford

Contact –  Ashleigh on 07479 616708facebook for didi rugby Bedford

Ashleigh Chalmers– didi rugby Bedford

About Ashleigh Chalmers

My name is Ashleigh Chalmers and I am a preschool teacher with 10 years of experience working within the Early Years sector.

I am passionate about children being physically active and the benefits that it brings both physically and socially.

In my younger years, I played women’s rugby and thoroughly enjoyed everything it had to offer.

I am currently the Under-18s Coach at Olney RFC as well as the manager for the East Midlands Under 16s Girls Developing Player Programme.

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didi rugby Bedford

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Introduce your children to rugby with didi rugby classes in Lutterworth

Contact –  Hannah on 07970 433452    facebook for didi rugby Lutterworth

Hannah Faulds – didi rugby Lutterworth

Our program is designed to get kids active, teach them new skills and improve their co-ordination, speed and balance.   We provide a positive, safe and friendly environment where children learn and develop social skills while they have lots of fun!  (and there is an opportunity for parents to make friends too!)

There are three age group classes: 18 months to three years, three to four and four to six held every Saturday morning during term time.

Follow the links below to

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  • Join a New Term Open sessions
  • Book into half term and Holiday camps

didi rugby Lutterworth is led by Hannah Faulds.  A qualified England Rugby Coach Hannah has a wealth of experience working in nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and as an extra bonus with coaching qualifications with England Athletics and England Netball Hannah designs sessions that provide a full range of transitional skills to support physical activity and social development.

Book on a FREE taster below or get in touch with any questions you may have.


didi rugby is membership based with fees based on delivering of 38 weeks of sessions during school terms.  The fees for 38 weeks of classes are totalled and divided between 12 equal monthly payments.  From previous experience our customers prefer this ongoing arrangement as there are 12 equal payments rather than paying varying amounts and no re-enrolments are needed.  Your didi rugby membership entitles you to 38 sessions during school terms; special offers for classes, discounted school holiday camps; didi rugby presentation and ambassador events.

Alternative payment option

Cannot commit to every week.. didi rugby Lutterworth also offers a voucher scheme, if you are not sure you can attend on a regular basis you can buy four, six or ten vouchers.   Once you have created an online account you can select the dates you can attend, equally we will mark your attendance at each session.

Create an account and choose your payment options..

Added Extras!

didi rugby Lutterworth runs an awards scheme based on attendance.  Awards include didi rugby merchandise such as story book, pencil case and boot bag.

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About didi rugby Bristol

Contact –  Simon on 07870 800294    facebook for didi rugby Bristol

Simon, Rochelle and Tyler Gully – didi rugby Bristol

About Simon, Rochelle and Tyler Gully


Simon Gully

I was fortunate to grow up in a family who loved a variety of sports but I decided that rugby was my favourite. It combined all my favourite elements of sport, skill, physicality, speed, endurance, control and teamwork.

I have been fortunate enough to have played rugby for over 40 years and in that time have played professionally, internationally and had the honour of wearing an England shirt.

I have bestowed my rugby passion to my children and have been able to support them in their rugby journey, as their coach and biggest supporter.

Why didi rugby?

I have played and loved rugby all my life. It is my passion, my challenge, my happy place! I have been coached by some of the best over the years and the respect I have for them is immense.

I can’t wait to use all I have learnt to inspire the younger generation to love the game as much as I do.


Rochelle Gully

I was introduced to rugby by my husband and have enjoyed watching him play for two decades.

It was inevitable that the kids would love it too, so I have spent most Sundays in wellies and a raincoat being a supportive rugby mum.

I can honestly say that being part of the rugby community has given our family a physical and emotional outlet, a shared love and a fantastic social circle.

We have made life-long friends thanks to rugby.

Why didi rugby?

When my son started rugby he was overwhelmed and a little scared. If there had been a didi rugby back then, we could have introduced it to him earlier and made the transition to outdoor sports a little easier.

I am really looking forward to supporting a new generation of rugby parents to inspire their little ones to be brave and have fun.


Tyler Gully

I was introduced to rugby by my dad and I started playing for my local club when I was 11 years old.

Initially, I was a little put off by the physicality of the game but once I learnt the skills, there was no stopping me.

My favourite position is flanker because I love being in the thick of the game and getting my hands on the ball at every opportunity.

I play for a grass roots rugby club which has an emphasis on developing skills and sportsmanship, thanks to this I have achieved the following:

Players’ player 2017

Coaches’ player 2018

Most improved player 2019

Gloucestershire County U13s

Gloucestershire County U15s

Why didi rugby?

I am thrilled at the thought of coaching kids how to play a sport that inspires me and others across the globe. Becoming a didi rugby coach will enable me to encourage young children to get active, develop new skills and most of all to have fun and make new friends.

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About didi rugby Newcastle and North East

Contact –  07837 111239   facebook for didi rugby Newcastle and North East

Hattie and Sophie Elliott-Edwards – didi rugby Newcastle and North East

About Hattie and Sophie

Hattie has previously played Rugby with Lichfield Ladies RFC – starting off in the Under-16s and working her way up to the senior teams too. She had opportunities to play at regional and Premiership level, alongside some of the greats in women’s rugby including didi rugby founder Vicky Macqueen and didi ambassadors: Heather Fisher and Sarah Hunter.

During her time at Lichfield, Hattie has coached Under-18s/Under-16s at the club and at regional level too.

Hattie has gained so much from rugby and truly believes in the holistic benefits participation in the sport can provide. She attributes much of her successes in life to the mind-set, social skills, team working, and self-belief learned in playing and coaching rugby.

Hattie now lives in Northumberland and works for the NHS at The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle – where personal drive, team-working, personal and team leadership are essential characteristics; as well as bringing a little joy into people’s journeys through the healthcare system.

“It was a gathering with long-time rugby friends that brought up discussions with Vicky Macqueen about becoming a coach and franchisee,” says Hattie. “Now we are coming back into the rugby set-up and are keen to contribute to opening-up more opportunities for little ones to have fun, learn and get them active.

“We are also keen to develop the pathway into club rugby and the rugby community as a whole.”

Sophie is a teaching assistant specialising in Early Years and SEN education. She brings with her the knowledge and facilitation of the social and educational aspects that didi rugby incorporate (including relevant Key stages for Early Years).

Sophie is from the North East (originally a ‘sand dancer’ – as those from South Shields are known by in the North East) and has spent sometime in the West Midlands before returning to Northumberland, bringing Hattie with her.

Whilst Sophie has been introduced to Rugby by Hattie, it is through her work that she has seen how much sport impacts children in a positive fashion.

Sophie believes in the inclusivity of sport and in all the positives it gives to young children such as: increasing physical development, cognitive skills, teamwork, building social skills and promoting friendship, and most importantly having fun.

“Our son is our inspiration for starting a didi franchise,” says Sophie. “It is an opportunity we want for our son, who is a big driving force for us in bringing didi rugby to the North East.

“We are looking forward to this new chapter and encouraging little ones to get active and encourage a love of physical activity from an early age. We love the North East, and we are really excited to bring the didi rugby set-up and developing sport-based opportunities here.

“For our first venue we have teamed up with Novocastrians RFC. They are a very proactive, family friendly club (who have produced some amazing players from their set-up; including Sarah Hunter – one of the didi rugby ambassadors) and we are very excited to join forces with such a great club.

“Novocastrians already have a great junior section that any aspiring didi stars could progress into, after the age of 6 years old.

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About didi rugby Devon

Contact – 01837 83748   facebook for didi rugby Devon

Paul Tearle and Gemma Carnegie  – didi rugby Devon

About Paul Tearle

I started playing rugby as an Under-11 inspired by my peers when I started secondary school.

Since then, I have been a two-club man all my life and been part of Crediton RFC and Sheffield Tigers RFC at various times in my life.

Now back at Crediton, I’m threatening to put my boots back on at some point!

I work as the PE teacher in the local comprehensive school and we have built fantastic links between the school and the club, sharing facilities, coaches and creating a pathway for those that enjoy the game at school and want to develop further at the club.

As a teacher, I was certainly ‘Jack of all trades’ rather than a specialist, having had national level experience in both athletics and volleyball, as well as local level basketball and football as I grew up. Those sports were always threaded between playing rugby throughout my life.

In addition to teaching, I have 20 years of experience working at a successful holiday camp for children aged 3-15 too.

Over the last 10 years, I have run that business and was delighted when it was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in our last inspection.

Having met many inspirational people through the sport of rugby, the opportunity to be involved with didi rugby materialised through meeting people with a shared passion for the game and its values.

Integrating my background of teaching and business and love for the game made it an easy decision to take on a didi franchise in the hot-bed of rugby here in Devon.

With two primary-aged children of my  own, I am familiar with the challenges of parenting and getting involved with didi will offer many parents locally another outlet for children to develop and flourish in a safe and positive environment.

About Gemma Carnegie

Degree from University of Brighton
Head of PE at a secondary school.
Teaching for 20 years
Rugby player for 20 years… fly-half,
Favourite player – Johnny Wilkinson!
Fantastic role model for women’s and girls rugby.
Hobbies include anything active, hiking, climbing.
Strong advocate of England Rugby’s Core Values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

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