Competition will be serious when didi rugby Coventry launches on 16 June

Expect some serious competition in the Gulliver family when didi rugby Coventry is launched at Coventry RFC on Saturday 16 June.

Ben and Georgie Gulliver already run didi rugby Bedfordshire after launching in April.

Now, Ben’s parents and sister will be the driving force behind didi’s latest franchise.

Tony Gulliver made 381 first-team appearances for Coventry RFC during a playing career that spanned 15 seasons and he is still team manager for the club.

His wife Carol, a former international swimmer, will be operations director of the new venture while daughter Sophie will be running the show.

There is little doubt, in a rugby-mad, competitive family, that the successes of didi Coventry and didi Bedfordshire will be discussed at future family meals!

Carol, Tony and Sophie Gulliver will launch didi rugby Coventry

Super passionate

Sophie is a mother of three young boys aged between three and nine who all play rugby and she has seen at first hand the value of getting her kids active and having fun from a young age.

“I am super passionate about children having the options to take part in a range of activities,” said Sophie. “I believe this assists them in being well-rounded and confident when venturing in to the adult world.

“I have personally seen my children’s confidence grow from being part of many different activities.”

Tony meanwhile, has been delighted to see his grandchildren follow in his and his own offspring’s footsteps.

“Rugby always has, and always will be, my passion,” he said. “I thrive on getting more people involved in the best team sport in the world because it creates a culture of teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, discipline and most importantly, enjoyment.”

Carol is an executive leader in private healthcare with 29 years of driving high-level performance in business so there will be no lack of acumen behind this didi team.

Promote fitness for life

“I am keen to bring the well-being of children to the forefront of their daily activities and develop and promote fitness for life for the next generation,” she said.

With Coventry RFC recently gaining promotion back to the Championship, Sophie, Tony and Carol are hoping to make the most of the feel-good factor around the city.

The launch at Coventry Rugby Club will see all three didi age groups covered from 18 months to six years. Free taster sessions are available throughout the morning which runs from 9.30am to 11.30am.

didi owner Vicky Macqueen said: “Sophie, Tony and Carol are very passionate about the sport and have a lot of energy to give to the business.

“They share the same values about promoting a fit, healthy and active lifestyle and it has been great to welcome them as part of the team. I am sure Ben and Georgie at Bedfordshire will be watching with added interest!”