Find a didi rugby class in Cannock Rugby Club

Find a didi rugby class in Cannock Rugby Club

Introduce your children to rugby at a young age with didi rugby classes at Cannock Rugby Club in Cannock. There are three age groups: 18 months to three years, three to four and four to six.

Our program is designed to get kids active, teach them new skills and improve their co-ordination, speed and balance. It will also help them learn social skills while they have lots of fun in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

These classes are ideal for people living in Cannock, Broomhill, Oldfallow, Chadsmoor, High Town, Green Heath, Pillaton, Church Hill and  Hednesford.

Cannock Rugby Club

Cannock rugby club
Stafford Road
WS12 4PD
Ran by didi Rugby Stone and Stafford
Contact – Ros Wiggins – 07764 883474

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