Polly Pearce Leads Remarkable Launch of didi rugby at Thornbury Rugby Football Club

The inaugural launch of didi rugby at Thornbury Rugby Football Club this past weekend, spearheaded by franchise owner Polly Pearce, was nothing short of a resounding success. The enthusiastic response and overwhelming attendance of children stand as a testament to the program’s immense potential and the eager anticipation of the local community.

The event witnessed a heart-warming display of happy parents and exuberant children, all partaking in the engaging and dynamic didi rugby sessions. Smiles radiated across the room, reflecting the sheer joy and fulfilment derived from this unique introduction to the world of rugby.

“We are thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiasm that greeted us at Thornbury Rugby Football Club in Avon and South Gloucestershire,” remarked Polly Pearce, franchise owner and passionate advocate of didi rugby. “The overwhelming attendance of children, along with the delighted expressions on their parents’ faces, affirms that we are on the right path. We are excited to witness this region flourish with hundreds of budding didi rugby stars.”

The success of the launch weekend can be attributed to the careful planning and unwavering commitment of Polly and the didi rugby team, as well as the warm reception from the local community. The program’s emphasis on fun-filled, age-appropriate activities, designed to nurture motor skills, teamwork, and confidence-building, proved to be a winning formula.

As didi rugby sets its roots at Thornbury Rugby Football Club in Avon and South Gloucestershire under the able leadership of Polly Pearce, parents and children alike can look forward to a vibrant and inclusive community that fosters a love for physical activity and teamwork from an early age. The program’s unique approach not only introduces children to the fundamentals of rugby but also instills essential life skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

The launch weekend’s success sets a promising precedent for the future of didi rugby at Thornbury Rugby Football Club in Avon and South Gloucestershire. With the dedication of Polly Pearce and the passionate coaches, along with the wholehearted support of parents, we anticipate a bright and flourishing journey ahead.

For more information about didi rugby classes and upcoming events at Thornbury Rugby Football Club in Avon and South Gloucestershire, click here. Join us in celebrating the remarkable launch of didi rugby in this vibrant region, and be a part of our growing community of young athletes and their families.



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